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Fresh Wild Alaska Seafood and Fish

Our Online Store is not open for business yet, so in the meantime we wanted to provide you with a list of Alaska seafood suppliers that should be able to meet your current needs for fresh wild alaska fish and seafood.

Alaska Mariners
Homer, AK
(907) 235-5572 or (907) 299-3276

Alaska Wild Salmon Company
Juneau, AK
Contact: Mark Stopha
(866) 463-3458
Email: [email protected]

Dennis Albert
Anchorage, AK
(907) 248-6570
Email: [email protected]

Alchemist Seafoods
Kodiak, AK
Contact: Dave & AR Mann
(907) 248-6570
Email: [email protected]

Chignik Seafoods
Chignik, AK
Contact: Glenn or Shelly Suydam
(907) 383-2402 or cell (907) 351-8131
Email: [email protected]

Copper Wild Seafoods
Cordova, AK
Contact: Rory Williams
(907) 424-3974
Email: [email protected]

Lofoten Fish Company
Petersburg, AK
(907) 772-2680 or cell (360) 201-7287
Email: [email protected]

Pacific Wild Exports
Yakutat, AK
(877) 381-3881 or (907) 784-3976
Email: [email protected]

Bruce Schactler
Kodiak, AK
(907) 486-4686
Email: [email protected]

Wild Salmon Direct
Anchorage, AK
Chuck McWethy (F/V Fiona) & Dave Loutrel (F/V Miss Maliss)
(907) 337-3131
Email: [email protected]

Cristi Wilkins
(503) 519-7102

These Alaska wild seafood providers sell some or all of the following types of wild Alaska seafood:

  • Alaska Salmon
    • King Salmon (Chinook Salmon
    • Sockeye Salmon (Red Salmon)
    • Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon)
    • Chum Salmon (Dog Salmon
    • Pink Salmon (Humpy Salmon)
  • Alaska Halibut
  • Alaska Crab
    • King Crab
    • Snow Crab
    • Dungeness Crab
  • Alaska blackcod

Alaska has long been regarded as producing the highest quality seafood in the world. Alaska is known for its flavorful king, sockeye and coho salmon, wonderful halibut and blackcod and huge king crab and delicious dungeness crab.

Alaska is the top producer of seafood in the United States. These fish caught in the pristine waters of Alaska in such regions as the Copper River, Bristol Bay, Sitka, Kodiak, Prince William Sound, Cordova, Dutch Harbor and the Cook Inlet.

Now you have a way to buy this fresh, healthy and extremely flavorful fish and seafood directly from the book and seafood producers in Alaska.


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Wild Alaska salmon, halibut, blackcod, & king crab legs

Alaska Seafood
Job Board

Wild Alaska salmon, halibut, crab and blackcod shipped directly to your door at great prices.


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